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The new poetry collection by Marcello Buttazzo: “Ti seguii per le rotte”

Marcello Buttazzo

Lecce is preparing to host the national premiere of Marcello Buttazzo’s new poetry collection, entitled “ITi seguii per le rotte”. The event will take place on July 5, 2024, at 7:30 PM at the Bernardini Library in Piazzetta Carducci. The evening will feature notable figures from the Salento cultural and literary scene.

Special guests for an unmissable cultural event

During the presentation, journalist Claudia Presicce, poet and cultural operator Mauro Marino, and publisher Stefano Donno will speak. The readings of the verses will be curated by actor Piero Rapanà, whose talent will give voice to the deep emotions of Buttazzo’s texts.


Sponsorship and collaborations

The event is sponsored by the Province of Lecce – Salento D’Amare and realized with the contribution of numerous partners including the Bernardini Library, the Puglia Region, the Polo Biblio Museale of Lecce, the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, Pilll Cultura, the City of Lecce, and the Osservatori di Poesia. This network of collaborations underscores the importance of the initiative in the local cultural context.

Marcello Buttazzo’s poetry: a journey through life and love

Marcello Buttazzo’s poems explore profound themes such as life, love, and existence itself. According to Roberto Dall’Olio, Buttazzo’s works are a celebration of life in all its seasons, a dance of colors and sensations that invite the reader to a unique lyrical experience. The Muse, omnipresent in the verses, accompanies the poet on a journey that intertwines memories, emotions, and dreams.

The career of Marcello Buttazzo

Born in Lecce in 1965 and residing in Lequile, Marcello Buttazzo has a background in Biology from the University “La Sapienza” of Rome. He has published numerous poetry collections and writes regularly for the online magazine Spagine, in the Contemporanea section. He also collaborates with the literary blog Zona di disagio. Among his poetry works, we remember “E l’alba?”, “Origami di parole”, and “Verranno rondini fanciulle”. His latest collection, published in 2023, is “E se nel giallo ti vedrò”.

An event not to be missed

The event on July 5th represents a unique opportunity for all poetry and culture lovers to meet Marcello Buttazzo and immerse themselves in his poetic world. The evening promises to be an exciting journey through words and sensations, an occasion to rediscover the value of poetry in everyday life.



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