Home Economy The European Commission approves Ita Airways acquisition by Lufthansa

The European Commission approves Ita Airways acquisition by Lufthansa

Conditional approval to protect competition

ita airways lufthansa
ita airways lufthansa

The European Commission’s approval

The European Commission has given the green light to the proposal for the joint acquisition of Ita Airways by Lufthansa and the Italian Ministry of Economy. This operation represents a significant step in the European airline landscape, with the aim of strengthening Ita Airways’ market position through collaboration with the German company.

Conditions to protect competition

The approval by the European Commission is, however, subject to a series of commitments made by the Ministry of Economy and Lufthansa. These commitments have been established to ensure that competition is preserved, particularly at Milan Linate airport. The imposed conditions concern short-haul routes between Italy and Central Europe and long-haul routes between Fiumicino and North America.


The network of connections

Brussels highlighted the importance of the network of connections operated by both Lufthansa and Ita Airways. Both airlines manage an extensive network of flights from their respective hub airports. The synergy between the two companies can offer new advantages to passengers, improving travel options and enhancing operational efficiency.



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