Home Trips Summer holidays: Codacons reports price hikes on all fronts

Summer holidays: Codacons reports price hikes on all fronts

holidays prices
holidays prices

360-degree price increases for summer holidays

Telepass, air tickets, hotels, and beach resorts: for Italians, the summer holidays will be marked by price hikes on all fronts. This is stated by Codacons, which has released a study on the “crazy prices” expected for the summer.

Telepass fee increase

Starting tomorrow, Telepass fees will see a significant increase, with the basic offer rising from €1.83 to €3.90 per month, marking a 113% increase. Tolls and parking meters have also increased by 2.1% in the last month on an annual basis.


Transport price increases

Air ticket prices have surged: domestic tickets have increased by 24.4% in one month, while international tickets have risen by 7.3%. Train tickets have also seen a 9.3% increase compared to 2023.

Price hikes for accommodations and beach resorts

For August, price hikes are also expected for accommodations, with increases ranging from 15% to 25%, and for beach resorts, which will see a 5% increase.

The impact on consumers

Codacons warns that these increases will significantly impact Italian families’ budgets, making summer holidays much more expensive than in previous years. The association advises consumers to plan their expenses carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises.



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