Home Trips Summer 2024: 38 million Italians on vacation

Summer 2024: 38 million Italians on vacation

Increase in the number of vacationers and average spending compared to 2023, according to the Coldiretti-Ixè survey

a lively summer scene where Italians enjoy their holidays
a lively summer scene where Italians enjoy their holidays

More Italians on vacation compared to 2023

This summer, 38 million Italians will take at least one day of vacation, either in Italy or abroad. This represents an increase of 500,000 people compared to the previous year. The data comes from the Coldiretti-Ixè survey, highlighting a growing desire to travel among Italian citizens.

Increase in average spending

The average spending per person will be 746 euros, marking a 12% increase from 2023. This figure reflects either greater economic availability or a willingness to indulge in more enriching vacation experiences. Beach resorts, mountain destinations, and art cities are among the preferred destinations.


Duration of vacations

The most popular period remains the traditional week, chosen by 28% of Italians. This is followed by two-week vacations, preferred by 25%, and three-week vacations, chosen by 14%. A fortunate 7% can afford a whole month of vacation, while 3% will spend more than a month away from home. However, there are also those who will have shorter vacations: 18% will not exceed three days.

The increase in vacationers and average spending is a positive signal for the tourism sector, which expects a very active summer season. Italians’ preferences continue to vary, with greater attention to the quality of experiences and personal well-being. Expectations are high, and the tourism sector is ready to welcome this wave of travelers with increasingly personalized offers and services.



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