Home Economy Stellantis: Unimpresa accuses, “production in Poland betrays Italy”

Stellantis: Unimpresa accuses, “production in Poland betrays Italy”

Stellantis moves production to Poland; Unimpresa sees it as a betrayal to Italy's economy.

Giovanna Ferrara, President of Unimpresa
Giovanna Ferrara, President of Unimpresa

A controversial decision

Stellantis recently announced a partnership with a Chinese manufacturer to produce cars in Poland for the Italian market. This move, although presented as strategic and transparent, was seen by many, including Unimpresa, as a betrayal of Italy and its economic system.

Impact on the Italian automotive sector

According to the president of Unimpresa, Giovanna Ferrara, the decision to move production abroad puts the entire Italian automotive sector to the test. This sector, with a long tradition and one of the pillars of the Italian economy, risks being impoverished by delocalisation. Production in Poland implies not only the loss of jobs in Italy, but also a devaluation of the value of Made in Italy.


The role of government

Ferrara called on the Italian government, represented by Minister Adolfo Urso, to take a more decisive position towards Stellantis. It is not enough to express hope and willingness to support the company; Strong intervention is needed to protect Italy’s industrial heritage and prevent other companies from following Stellantis’ example.

Consequences for Italian SMEs

Italian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the beating heart of the national economy, are the first to suffer from this decision. These companies, often family-run, rely heavily on automotive manufacturing for their livelihoods and job creation. Stellantis’ decision to move production abroad could lead to the closure of many of these companies, resulting in job losses and impoverishment of local communities – continues Ferrara

Necessary government measures

The government should put in place concrete measures to encourage production in Italy, offering tax breaks and contributions to companies that choose to maintain or transfer their production to our country. It is essential to start a serious and in-depth discussion with Stellantis to understand the reasons for this decision and find alternative solutions that do not penalize the Italian economic system. – she concluded.



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