Home Work Sexual harassment at work: a plague affecting 81.6% of victims

Sexual harassment at work: a plague affecting 81.6% of victims

According to the Istat report, 13.5% of working women in Italy have experienced sexual harassment at work.

Sexual harassment at work
Sexual harassment at work

Workplace harassment in Italy

According to a recent report published by Istat, titled “Harassment: Victims and Context,” sexual harassment in the workplace represents a significant problem in Italy. The report reveals that about 2.322 million people, aged between 15 and 70, have experienced some form of harassment during their working life.


The extent of the phenomenon

An alarming fact emerging from the report is that 81.6% of workplace harassment victims are women. Specifically, 13.5% of all working women reported experiencing sexual harassment at work. This data highlights the severity and widespread nature of the phenomenon, underscoring the need for targeted interventions to protect female workers.

Harassment outside the workplace

The Istat report is not limited to the workplace context. In the three years preceding the survey (2022-2023), 1.311 million women experienced some form of sexual harassment outside of work. This shows that sexual harassment is a widespread problem in various aspects of women’s daily lives.

Conclusions and the need for interventions

The data presented by Istat highlights the necessity of adopting more effective measures to prevent and combat sexual harassment, both in the workplace and in other contexts. It is essential to promote a culture of respect and gender equality, as well as to ensure support and protection for victims.

Towards greater awareness

The dissemination of this data is an important step towards greater awareness of the problem. Only through information and education can we hope to significantly reduce the incidence of sexual harassment and create a safer and more inclusive working environment for everyone.



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