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No to the amendment for the removal of 8 out of 12 vaccines

The Senate rejects Senator Borghi's amendment to eliminate the requirement for 8 out of 12 vaccines for minors.


Senate rejects Senator Borghi’s proposal

The amendment to the decree law on waiting lists, presented by Lega Senator Claudio Borghi, will not be examined by the Senate’s Social Affairs Committee. The proposal aimed to eliminate the vaccination requirement for minors up to 16 years old and unaccompanied foreign minors.

The ineligibility of the amendment

According to parliamentary sources, the amendment will be declared inadmissible due to irrelevance to the matter at hand. This decision will be formalized during the Social Affairs Committee’s meeting scheduled for next Tuesday.


Borghi’s proposal: “I will resubmit my amendment”

Senator Borghi stated that he does not intend to give up and will resubmit his proposal. The amendment proposed abolishing the requirement for 8 out of the 12 vaccines currently mandated for minors.

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