Home Transport Tragic road accidents in Parmense and Ferrarese

Tragic road accidents in Parmense and Ferrarese

Series of fatal accidents in Emilia-Romagna: an 83-year-old and a 19-year-old lose their lives


Terenzo: 83-year-old disabled man hit by a motorcycle

In Terenzo, in the province of Parma, an 83-year-old disabled man in a wheelchair was tragically hit by a motorcycle. The elderly man died from the impact, while the motorcyclist was hospitalized with serious injuries. The dynamics of the accident are still under investigation, but it seems that the elderly man was on the side of the road when he was struck.

Bondeno-Scortichino: 19-year-old cyclist hit by a car

Another tragic accident occurred on the road between Bondeno and Scortichino, in the province of Ferrara. A 19-year-old young man, originally from Morocco, was hit and killed by a car while riding his bicycle with friends. The young man’s body was dragged for several meters before the car went off the road and overturned several times. The driver of the vehicle is in critical condition and currently hospitalized.


Road safety under the spotlight

These accidents highlight once again the need for greater attention to road safety. Road users are urged to always remain vigilant and adhere to traffic regulations to prevent further tragedies.



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