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Protocol Signed Between Coni and Federico II University of Naples

A Step Forward in Studying the Role of Sports in Social and Territorial Development

presidente del Coni Campania Sergio Roncelli, il direttore del Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici della Federico II Andrea Mazzucchi, insieme con il professore di economia politica e teoria dello sviluppo umano Marco Musell

The Coni Campania and the Department of Humanities of the University of Naples Federico II have signed a protocol of understanding today.

Objectives of the Collaboration

The agreement aims to investigate the role of sports in the creation and accumulation of human and social capital, as well as in the development of the communities of Naples and Campania. This field, still underexplored, offers numerous research and development opportunities.


Key Figures of the Initiative

Present at the signing were important institutional figures: the president of Coni Campania, Sergio Roncelli, the director of the Department of Humanities of Federico II, Andrea Mazzucchi, the professor of political economy and human development theory Marco Musella, the director of the Regional School of Sports Antonino Chieffo, and the Coni delegate of Naples Agostino Felsani. These representatives will be part of the Coordination Committee established by the protocol.

Authorities’ Statements

“Coni is a constant presence in the educational field and I believe that the union of competencies is fundamental,” said Sergio Roncelli. Andrea Mazzucchi added: “It is important that Coni and the university engage in dialogue. In our department, we have many competencies available to the world of sports.”

Naples as European Capital of Sport 2026

The collaboration takes place in a favorable context, as Naples will be the European Capital of Sport in 2026. This event offers a unique opportunity to transform the city into a research and innovation hub at the national and international levels.



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