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Four days to celebrate Carpegna DOP Ham

A food and wine festival with events for all tastes and the world's longest sandwich


From July 18 to 21, Carpegna hosts dinners, tastings, talk shows, and music to celebrate Carpegna DOP Ham, a world-renowned gastronomic excellence. Goal: the world’s longest sandwich, aiming for 100 meters.

The history that makes Carpegna special

The first records of Carpegna ham date back to the 15th century. Due to its geopolitical position and ideal microclimate, this ham has historical roots that extend to the present day.


The “Paninone” record

In Carpegna, the “Paninone” is the star. After reaching 80 meters in previous editions, this year aims for a 100-meter-long sandwich filled with Carpegna Ham.

The festival program

Thursday: Opening at the Giardini di Mezzanotte with wine tastings and an exclusive dinner.

Friday: Evening of fun with food stands, live music, and a DJ set.

Saturday: Workshops, markets, and tastings in the morning; tournaments and outdoor excursions in the afternoon; evening with music and food stands.

Sunday: MotoProsciuttata, workshops, trekking, and the “Paninone” record attempt.



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