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Partial Immunity for Trump: Decision of the US Supreme Court


The Decision of the Supreme Court

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that former President Donald Trump can benefit from partial immunity for the events of January 6, 2021, when the US Capitol was stormed. The immunity is recognized for acts performed in the exercise of presidential functions but not for those of a private nature.

Voting and Alignments

The Court’s decision was made with the favorable vote of the six conservative judges, while the three progressive judges voted against it. This result has led to a referral to the lower courts, thus delaying the federal trial against Trump.


Trump’s Reactions

The former president enthusiastically welcomed the Supreme Court’s decision, declaring: “Great victory for our democracy. Proud to be American.” His words reflect a sense of satisfaction for a ruling he sees as support for his conduct during his presidential term.

Future Implications

The Supreme Court’s decision will have significant repercussions on the ongoing trial. The distinction between presidential acts and private acts becomes crucial in determining the extent of Trump’s immunity, influencing not only his specific case but also potentially other future cases related to sitting or former presidents.

In conclusion, the Supreme Court has drawn a line that will have a significant impact on justice and American politics in the coming years.



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