Home Foreign Affairs North Korea successfully tests a new ballistic missile

North Korea successfully tests a new ballistic missile

The new Hwasong-11Da-4.5 demonstrates heavy warhead transport capabilities and long-range precision

North Korea missile
North Korea missile

North Korea has recently announced the successful test of a new tactical ballistic missile, the Hwasong-11Da-4.5, capable of carrying a heavy warhead up to 4.5 tons. This new military development was reported by local media, highlighting the advanced capabilities of the missile.

Test details


The test was conducted with a missile equipped with a simulated warhead to verify flight stability and accuracy. According to the North Korean news agency KCNA, the missile demonstrated its effectiveness by reaching a maximum range of 500 km and a minimum range of 90 km.

International context

The test of the Hwasong-11Da-4.5 missile comes at a time of increasing regional tensions, following recent joint military exercises by South Korea, Japan, and the United States. These exercises aimed to strengthen cooperation and defensive readiness against potential regional threats.

Strategic implications

The new missile’s ability to carry such a heavy warhead represents a significant advancement for North Korea’s missile program. This development could alter the balance of power in the region, raising concerns among neighboring countries and the international community.

The test of the Hwasong-11Da-4.5 ballistic missile marks a new chapter in North Korea’s arms race. While the implications of this success are still being assessed, it is clear that Pyongyang continues to invest significantly in its military capabilities, influencing regional stability and global security.



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