Home Foreign Affairs Biden’s new gaffe: “I am the first female African-American vice president”

Biden’s new gaffe: “I am the first female African-American vice president”

President Biden makes a mistake during an interview, confusing his roles and those of Kamala Harris.

Joe Biden, Presidente degli Stati Uniti d'America

During a recent interview, President Joe Biden made another gaffe by stating he was “proud to be the first African-American vice president and the first African-American woman to serve with an African-American president.” This mistake quickly caught media attention.

The context of the error


Biden evidently intended to refer to his role as vice president during Barack Obama’s administration and his decision to appoint Kamala Harris as his vice president, the first African-American woman to hold that position.

Biden campaign’s reaction

Biden’s campaign sought to downplay the incident. “It’s clear what the president meant. We are reaching the level of absurdity,” said campaign spokesperson Ammar Moussa, emphasizing that Biden’s intent was to celebrate Kamala Harris’s historic election.

Political implications

This episode adds to other similar gaffes that have marked Biden’s presidency. While these statements may seem harmless, they often become subjects of political debate and are used by his opponents to question his clarity and reliability.

Reflecting the political climate

Reactions to this gaffe reflect the polarized political climate in the United States, where every mistake is amplified and used as a propaganda tool. Despite the explanations from Biden’s campaign, the incident will likely continue to be discussed in the media and political circles.



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