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Floods and Landslides in Valle d’Aosta: Critical Situation

Floods and Landslides in Valle d'Aosta: Critical Situation


Heavy rains are causing severe problems in Valle d’Aosta, with Cogne and Cervinia currently isolated due to landslides and debris flows.

Cogne: Floods and Landslides

The Valle d’Aosta Functional Center has reported floods of the main streams in the Cogne valley. The weather situation is expected to persist until the early hours of tomorrow. The village of Cogne is isolated due to a landslide, with debris flows along five ravines and the flooding of the Valnontey stream. The alert level in the Gran Paradiso valleys has been raised from yellow to orange.


Cervinia: Road Closed and Town Isolated

Cervinia is isolated due to a landslide that has closed the regional road of Valtournenche. The regional administration expects the road to reopen with alternating one-way traffic in the coming hours. The landslide occurred downstream of Epinel, disrupting the electrical network and telephone communications.

Ossola: Storm and Landslides

A violent storm has hit the Ossola valleys in northern Piedmont, causing landslides and roadblocks. The Val Divedro was particularly affected by a landslide between San Domenico di Varzo and Nembro in Varzo, which trapped numerous tourists. At the Simplon Pass, a debris flow affected the Swiss side of the road, leading to the closure of the access routes.

Weather Alert in Valle d’Aosta and Other Northern Regions

The Civil Protection has issued an orange alert for Valle d’Aosta due to bad weather. Further floods, landslides, and debris flows are expected. The situation is also critical in Piedmont, with the flooding of the Ovesca and Anza streams in Valle Anzasca and flooding in Macugnaga. The Simplon Pass remains closed due to a landslide. A yellow alert has also been issued for various areas of Piedmont, Lombardy, Trentino-Alto Adige, and Veneto.

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