Home Italy 25-Year-Old Woman Dies After Falling into Elevator Shaft in Fasano

25-Year-Old Woman Dies After Falling into Elevator Shaft in Fasano

Tragedy in a Fasano Building: Young Woman Falls into Elevator Shaft and Loses Her Life

vigili del fuoco

The Incident’s Dynamics

A 25-year-old woman tragically died after falling into an elevator shaft in a building located in Fasano, in the province of Brindisi. The young woman had called the elevator on the fourth floor and, after opening the door, fell into the void because the elevator cabin had not risen.

The Authorities’ Intervention

Immediately after the incident, firefighters arrived on the scene to recover the body of the unfortunate young woman. The police carried out the necessary investigations to reconstruct the event and understand the causes that led to the tragedy.


The Ownership of the Building

The building where the tragic fall occurred is owned by Arca, the Regional Agency for Housing. Authorities are also investigating the maintenance conditions of the elevator and the responsibility for the building’s management.

The Consequences of the Tragedy

The incident deeply shocked the Fasano community. The loss of the young life has aroused great sorrow and raised questions about the safety of elevator systems and the need for rigorous periodic inspections to prevent similar tragedies in the future.



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