Home Italy Family tragedy in Pannarano: brother kills and decapitates his own sibling

Family tragedy in Pannarano: brother kills and decapitates his own sibling

In a fit of rage, a man decapitates his brother and throws the head from the balcony


The murder and the dynamics of the tragedy

An episode of extreme violence has shaken the quiet community of Pannarano, in the province of Benevento. A 59-year-old man killed his 65-year-old brother at the height of an argument, inflicting further violence on the body until he decapitated him. In a shocking act, the murderer then threw the victim’s head from the balcony of the house.

The self-report and the arrest

After committing the horrific act, the killer himself called the Carabinieri. Without resisting, he turned himself in to the authorities. This act of self-reporting allowed law enforcement to promptly intervene at the crime scene.


A difficult cohabitation context

The two brothers had been living together since the elder, who had become a widower, returned to live in the family home. According to neighbors’ testimonies, the quarrels between the two were frequent. This ongoing tension seems to have contributed to triggering the tragedy.

Community reactions

The news has deeply shocked the residents of Pannarano, a usually quiet community. Friends and neighbors describe the two brothers as ordinary people, albeit often in conflict. Now the community is questioning how such an act of violence could have occurred within the domestic walls.



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