Home Sport Euro 2024: Gravina and Spalletti respond to criticism after Italy’s elimination

Euro 2024: Gravina and Spalletti respond to criticism after Italy’s elimination


Gravina: “Resignation requests are hurtful”

The president of the Italian Football Federation, Gabriele Gravina, expressed his regret regarding the criticism received after Italy’s elimination from Euro 2024. Gravina stated: “I do not run away from responsibilities. Criticism hurts, especially those instrumental ones linked to resignation requests. Constructive ones do not, they need to be listened to.” Regarding the possibility of a second candidacy, Gravina added: “I haven’t thought about it.”

Spalletti: “A setback that cannot be accepted”

Luciano Spalletti, the coach of the Italian national team, commented on the defeat, calling it a significant setback. “Yesterday we took an important step back that cannot be accepted. I believe I know what is needed,” Spalletti said.


Spalletti emphasized the importance of rejuvenating the team, saying: “Yesterday’s match resets us to zero; in future choices, I will try to rejuvenate the squad.” Despite the disappointment, Spalletti confirmed his commitment: “I am staying here.”

Responding to criticism

The double elimination has raised a series of criticisms and calls for change within the Federation. However, both Gravina and Spalletti have shown a clear willingness to face the difficulties and work towards the future of the team. Gravina, in particular, emphasized the need to listen to constructive criticism and ignore those he considers instrumental.

The future of the Italian national team

With the promise to rejuvenate the squad and not shy away from responsibilities, the Federation and its technical staff look ahead, aiming to learn from the experience and prepare better for future competitions. The main challenge now will be to rebuild the trust and enthusiasm of the fans, focusing on a young and motivated team.



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