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Daily routines for children: a valuable help for parents (video)

A survey reveals the difficulties of English parents in daily routines for children


According to a recent survey commissioned by Moonbug Entertainment, 95% of English parents consider it essential to establish daily routines with their children, but 34% of them face difficulties in doing so, particularly during bedtime.

The research and its objectives

Moonbug Entertainment, producer of the popular children’s animated series “CoComelon,” conducted a survey on a sample of British parents with children aged 6 months to 4 years. The research involved a thousand parents from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, representing all ethnicities, religions, income levels, ages, genders, and geographic regions of the United Kingdom.


The main difficulties for parents

The survey results show that one-third of British parents find it difficult to follow a routine with their children. Although 95% of parents recognize the importance of having stable routines, 48% believe that there is not enough advice on how to build an effective routine. Additionally, 48% think that a daily routine can help children feel secure and overcome challenging stages of their growth.

Critical moments and serene moments

The survey highlighted that the most difficult moments for parents to manage are bedtime (26%), brushing teeth (19%), and mealtime (15%). On the other hand, 22% of parents stated that bath time is the easiest activity to undertake with their children.

Effective strategies for establishing routines

The surveyed parents indicated various strategies for creating and maintaining stable routines. According to 96% of respondents, music and rhymes are the most effective tools, followed by reading and listening to stories (57%), television (39%), and role-playing (31%). These elements are also fundamental to “CoComelon,” which uses music, repetition, colors, and rhymes to accompany children in their growth with positivity and fun.

The CoComelon Can Help campaign

To support parents, Moonbug Entertainment has launched the “CoComelon Can Help” campaign, which offers rhymes, songs, and rhymes dedicated to daily routines. Thanks to this initiative, families can calmly face moments such as mealtime, bedtime, or bath time, turning them into growth opportunities for both children and adults.




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Daily routines are essential for the serene development of children and the well-being of families. With the support of initiatives like “CoComelon Can Help,” parents can find effective tools to create special moments and manage daily challenges more easily.



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