Home Politics Autonomy reform: referendum questions submitted

Autonomy reform: referendum questions submitted

Pd and M5S united against the reform


Italy, autonomy, and inequalities: the Pd’s battle

Referendum questions against the autonomy reform have been submitted to the Court of Cassation. The secretary of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein, expressed clear opposition, stating: “Those born in Calabria will have fewer opportunities than those born in Lombardy, and this is unacceptable for us”.

M5S and the fight against ‘SpaccaItalia’

The Five Star Movement, led by Giuseppe Conte, joins the battle against the reform. Conte stated: “We will stop the ‘SpaccaItalia’ together, to avoid the death sentence of Healthcare, Education, and Infrastructure. They won’t stop us with kicks and punches. We will wave the tricolor of Italy and unity”.


United for unity: Pd and M5S against the reform

The two political forces are determined to oppose a reform that they believe will lead to an Italy divided into twenty different democracies, creating enormous disparities between regions. With unity as their banner, Pd and M5S are ready to fight to preserve the country’s integrity.



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