Home Foreign Affairs Attack on the Israeli Embassy in Belgrade: police officer injured, assailant killed

Attack on the Israeli Embassy in Belgrade: police officer injured, assailant killed

An attack on the Israeli embassy in Belgrade leaves a Serbian police officer injured; the suspected jihadist assailant has been killed.

israeli embassy in belgrade
israeli embassy in belgrade

In a dramatic attack on the Israeli embassy in Belgrade, a Serbian police officer was injured while the assailant was killed. According to the Serbian television RTS, the attacker used a crossbow to carry out the assault.

The attack: an act of terrorism


The Serbian Minister of the Interior, Ivica Dačić, described the attack as an act of terrorism, suspecting that the assailant had jihadist motivations. Dačić stated that the attacker appeared to be a Wahhabi jihadist, an extremist faction of Islam.

Precautionary measures: several people detained

Following the attack, several people were detained “as a precautionary measure,” as announced by Minister Dačić. Authorities are working to ensure security and prevent further threats.

The role of the crossbow in the attack

The use of a crossbow for a terrorist attack is unusual and has attracted the attention of authorities and media. This detail has raised further questions about the methods and motivations of the assault.

International and local reactions

The attack has shaken both the international and local communities. Embassies and diplomatic institutions in the region have increased security measures. Serbian authorities, in collaboration with Israeli officials, are thoroughly investigating to clarify all aspects of the incident.

A moment of tension

This tragic event has highlighted the existing tensions in the region and the constant threat of terrorism. Security forces continue to monitor the situation, while the international community expresses solidarity with the victims and the Serbian people.



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